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ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Introduction to ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC, a consulting firm for American with Disabilities Act and residential accessibility services.

ADA/ABA/FHA INSPECTIONS | Residential Accessibility

Welcome to the website for ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC (ADAIN).  ADAIN is a consulting firm providing accessibility inspections and expert witness services for clients regarding issues with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), Fair Housing Act (FHA), and residential accessibility services for home owners or tenants who need better mobility in the home.  Richard Acree is the inspector at ADAIN.  Richard is an educated and experienced accessibility inspection compliance expert and consultant to advise property owners, property managers, property tenants, disabled individuals, and attorneys on ADA compliance issues for Title II and Title III facilities, ABA compliance for buildings or facilities that were designed, built, or altered with federal dollars or leased by federal agencies after August 12, 1968, and FHA compliance for new multi-family housing consisting of four or more dwelling units. Richard combines his knowledge and experience as an accessibility inspector with his knowledge and experience as a home inspector to provide residential accessibility services. For a copy of Richard’s resume please see Richard Acree.


Please see the following list of reasons why should you work with ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC, to address any issues you may have with ADA, ABA, or FHA accessibility compliance, or if you are interested in improving the accessibility in your residence.


ADAIN will meet or exceed the modified standards and procedures specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ASTM E 2018, for ADA/ABA/FHA projects. ADAIN will inspect a facility and write a detailed legal report for disputes involving accessibility in commercial and government buildings or multi-family dwellings. ADAIN will combine years of experience in home inspections with expert knowledge of the ADA to improve safety and accessibility in your home.


More than 12 years doing ADA Inspections on many different types of commercial buildings and home inspections on homes ranging from 800 square feet to 16,000 square feet. Expert witness services include accessibility lawsuits and disputes representating the plaintiff or defendant.


ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC offers competitive rates and quality service to make our fees very affordable.  These fees are typically much lower than licensed architects and engineers. Fees vary based on the service provided.  For businesses, typically money spent on ADA inspection services prior to purchasing or leasing a building space saves you money in multiples in the long run.


Richard Acree - BS in Civil Engineering, Univ of South Carolina; MS in Business Administration, Michigan Technological University; professionally trained by agencies such as Kaplan/ITA for Commercial Building Inspections and ADA Inspections; ADAC certification, University of Missouri; CAPS training and certification, National Association of Home Builders.


Professionally trained – Trained by professional agencies such as Kaplan/ITA for Commercial Building Inspections and University of Missouri for ADA Inspections as an ADA coordinator.  The inspector/consultant combines his experience as a building/home inspector and ADA inspector with significant education to bring a unique level of expertise to the services of ADA inspections and residential accessibility services.


Certified as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)

Insured by BNK Insurance Services. References include:

  • Stacy T. Brown, President, Brown Environmental Consulting LLC, P.O. Box 1034, Arlington, TN 38002,, 901.335.4251

  • Roland Mumford, Attorney At Law, 242 W. Main Street, No. 223, Hendersonville,  TN 37075, 615.348.0070, .


Certified as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)

Company policy is to be on time for appointments. Reports emailed normally within 48-72 hours.


Certified as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)

Client is treated as they are the boss, because they are. I treat your building as if I owned it.

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ASTM Tier I, II, and III ADA Inspections and ABA Inspections, FHA/HUD Inspections,

Residential Accessibility Services, Expert Witness Services, ADA Training, Guest Speaker