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ASTM E 2018 describes three levels of accessibility inspections: Tier I, Tier II and Tier III.  ADAIN offers all three levels of inspection.  So why three levels?  Price, and different levels of thoroughness.  Each level comes with a different price.  Tier I is the lowest price and provides limited information and no written report.  Tier II offers more specific information and includes a short report, but costs more than Tier I.  Tier III is the most complete inspection and results in a comprehensive written report, and costs the most.  See below for more information about the three levels.

Tier I: Visual Accessibility Survey

The scope of this Tier I survey/inspection is limited to visual observations only.  No measurements or counts are taken by the inspector.  Only a basic overview of the general condition of the building is provided. 

Tier II: Abbreviated Accessibility Survey

This Tier II survey/inspection is an abbreviated (limited) accessibility survey subject to representative sampling. The scope of this survey is limited to the building history, parking, ramps, entrances/exits, paths of travel, elevators, public toilet rooms, and ADA compliant guest rooms. 

Tier III: Full Accessibility Survey

The consultant will conduct this thorough Tier III ADA inspection service to address each visible and measurable element and space within and without a facility.

Expert Witness Testimony

Serving as a litigation consultant, testifying witness, or neutral mediator, the ADAIN professional presents testimony in a helpful, comprehensive, and credible manner. Serving as witnesses in trial, arbitration, or mediation, the ADAIN representative is capable of withstanding rigorous cross-examination while maintaining independence and objectivity.

Guest Speaker

Richard Acree is an experienced Guest Speaker offering an interesting and educational presentation regarding Common ADA Discrepancies. This presentation is suitable for conferences and symposiums for employees and managers of Title II and Title III facilities, individuals interested in improving their ADA compliance, and ADA compliance inspectors.

ADA Training

Richard offers training for employers and employees of businesses and government agencies interested in improving their working knowledge of ADA compliance. Using his presentation Common ADA Discrepancies, his experience as a building inspector, and his training as an ADA Coordinator and compliance inspector, Richard can help educate individuals or groups of interested parties in the more significant issues and discrepancies found in many buildings.

Residential Accessibility Consultant

Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist Badge

Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist Badge

Richard Acree is a certified aging-in-place specialist (CAPS). Learn more about this certification by clicking here.

Residential Accessibility Services include CAPS services, property management, and real estate transactions including getting your house ready for sale or purchasing a new home.

Certificate of Excellence

ADAIN offers the Certificate of Excellence for ADA Accessibility for buildings and owners/operators that successfully complete a Tier III inspection of the facility by ADAIN.

ADA Reporting

Reports for ADA Inspections include an overview of the property inspection, general reference information regarding the scope of the inspection, and discrepancies found during the inspection.