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Understanding ADA Compliance

Understanding ADA Compliance

ADA? Who needs it?

Building owners, building buyers, building tenants, and disabled people who need access to a building,
but are blocked by barriers, attorneys or building contractors. 

Common ADA Discrepancies

Don’t fall for these common mistakes found during inspections. Explore this list of common Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) discrepancies found during ADA Title II and Title III compliance inspections.

ADA Training

How to train employers and employees of businesses and government agencies on the importance of ADA compliance and improving overall knowledge of ADA.

ADA Definitions

Terms and phrases defined in the ADA Standards section 106.5, as well as other ADA terms not issued by the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation to implement the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Animations Depicting ADA Compliance

Animations are provided by the United States Access Board: Advancing Full Access and Inclusion for All. Covering ADA compliance for doors, parking, bathing facilities and more.

ADA Technical Documents

There are many laws that govern Americans with Disability Act (ADA) issues. Other regulations and publications support these laws. This is a basic overview of applicable ADA documents.

Election Polling Place Training for ADA Compliance

Training information for election polling place managers, staff and volunteers. Demonstration of the principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.