ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC
The name of this company is ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Tier III ADA Inspections

The consultant will conduct this thorough Tier III ADA inspection service in accordance with modified protocol in ASTM E 2018, referencing the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, Title II for State and Local Government Facilities, Title III for Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities, excluding fire/smoke alarm systems, emergency light systems, and assistive listening systems.

Such survey should address each visible and measurable element and space within and without a facility. The results of the survey may be provided in a written Property Condition Report in either a checklist or narrative report format, or both. This survey can be completed before or after a property installation or alteration.

This inspection service is available for almost all facilities open to the public including restaurants, bars, office buildings, nurseries, schools, universities, gas stations, retail buildings, grocery store, shopping center, laundromat, bank, barber shop, beauty salon, automotive repair shop, library, election voting poll site, fishing piers, miniature golf facilities, zoo, club houses, movie theaters, concert halls, museums, auditorium, convention center, doctor’s offices, day care facilities, factories, warehouses, hotels/motels/inns, gymnasium, bowling alley, sports venue, and more.

These services do not compare the installation to local, state, or national building codes.  For a copy of Richard’s resume please see Richard Acree.