ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC
The name of this company is ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Tier I ADA Inspections

Explaination of ASTM 2018 Tier 1 ADA Inspection

 The scope of this Tier I survey/inspection is limited to visual observations only.  No measurements or counts are taken by the inspector.  Only a basic overview of the general condition of the building is provided referencing the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design under Title II for State and Local Government Facilities and Title III for Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities, excluding fire/smoke alarm systems, assistive listening systems, and emergency light systems .

Due to the visual nature of the Tier I survey, the reliability of the results will be less accurate than a Tier II survey, which includes representative sampling measurements and counts. This survey can be completed before or after a property installation or alteration. 

These services do not compare the installation to local, state, or national building codes. For a copy of Richard’s resume please see Richard Acree.