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The name of this company is ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Sample ADA Report

ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC, presents findings from ADA inspections (survey) in a narrative based Property Condition Report (PCR).  The consultant/inspector will conduct the accessibility survey in compliance with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010 Standards), Title II for State and Local Government Facilities, Title III for Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities, and modified protocol in ASTM E 2018, as applicable.  Reports include an overview of the property inspection, general reference information regarding the scope of the inspection, discrepancies found during the inspection, the section of the Standards regarding the discrepancy, and general guidance recommending corrective action.  At the end of the PCR is a summary of the discrepancies, however, clients are encouraged to read the entire PCR.  Please click Sample Report to see a complete sample PCR.

At the beginning of the inspection process, discovery questions are forwarded to the owner or manager of the building regarding the status of ADA issues.  The following is the list of discovery questions.

1.  Has an ADA Survey previously been completed for this property?  YES/NO.

2.  Have any ADA improvements been made to the property?  YES/NO.

3.  Does a Barrier Removal Plan exist for the property?  YES/NO.

4.  Has the Barrier Removal Plan been reviewed and approved by an arms-length third party such as an ADA qualified engineering firm, architectural firm, building department, or other agency, etc.?  YES/NO.

5.  Has building ownership or building management reported receiving any ADA related complaints that have not been resolved?  YES/NO.  If YES, please provide a list of complaints.

6.  Is any litigation pending related to ADA issues?  YES/NO.  If YES, please provide a discription of the issues.

7.  Is there an ADA Coordinator for this property?  YES/NO.

The results of the survey, shown in the PCR, will include mostly discrepancies.  Elements that satisfied the 2010 Standards will not be reported.  If possible, the section of the 2010 Standards that apply to a discrepancy will be identified in brackets as follows [].  If applicable, other document sources will be noted. There are four (4) categories of discrepancies included in the PCR. These categories are equally applicable to state and local government facilities. The categories are separated into different groups of elements as follows.

Category 1 - Accessible exterior approach and entrance

Category 2 - Access to interior goods and services

Category 3 - Access to public toilet rooms

Category 4 - Access to other items such as water fountains , public telephones, fire alarms, stadium seating, elevators and lifts, egress, areas of refuge.

The following is an example of a reported discrepancy.  If possible, a photograph of the discrepancy will be included with the discription of the discrepancy.

"None of the exterior pedestrian doors are marked as accessible.   See the photo below.  Standard 216.6, Entrances, states, Where not all entrances comply with [Standard] 404 [Doors], entrances complying with [Standard] 404 shall be identified by the International Symbol of Accessibility complying with [Standard] 703.7.2.1."


"RECOMMENDATION: An ADA accessible sign installation should be installed at the front pedestrian door.  See the diagram below for an example."

Accessible Entrance Sign.png

Please click Sample Report to see a complete sample PCR.

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