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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

ADA Done Right! 2/24/19

Look at the photo below. This is an ADA accessible picnic table observed during a recent trip to Orlando, Melbourne and Cocoa Beach, FL. There were about 10 picnic tables at a seaside municipal park in Melbourne, FL, and of that group one was designated and installed for disabled individuals. This is a great example of ADA done right!


In the photo above you can see the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) on the post, which is visible from the parking area out of the photo on the left. In the background is an accessible walkway leading to an accessible ramp to the beach. The bench seat is for those not disabled. Now see the photo below of this installation viewed from the other side.


This is where a disabled individual in a wheel chair could use the table after approaching from the walkway. Note the second ISA sign visible from this angle. This table is also the installation located closest to the accessible parking for the park. Awesome! This park installation, and perhaps the entire city, may be a good opportunity for the Certificate of Excellence program available at ADAIN.

If you observe a building that is not ADA compliant and you would like to know how to proceed, please see the link at What To Do When A Building Is Not ADA Compliant or Accessible.