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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Remodeling? Why you should choose a CAPS Consultant


Remodeling your home? You should choose a CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Services) consultant to make sure your accessibility issues are met.

Regardless of your age or physical condition, it is never too late to improve accessibility in your home. Certainly as people age their maneuverability and accessibility can often be reduced. But even before the aging process slows us down, people can have accidents or become ill in such a way that their ability to maneuver (accessibility) in their own home is limited.

CAPS design principles focus on barrier-free accessibility for residential properties (homes, apartments, condos and town houses) similar to how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design focuses on barrier-free accessibility for commercial buildings. CAPS design takes your current and future circumstances into consideration to improve your quality of life while staying in your home. CAPS employs concepts of universal design with the principles of the ADA Standards and Federal Housing Act (FHA) to make your home a safer place. That’s why residential accessibility services are sometimes referred to as aging-in-place services (AIP), or safety inspections.

CAPS services include: researching and helping you select specialized assistive products and installations; explaining best practices for design and installation of key components in AIP home design; coordinating the budget; prioritizing comprehensive solutions based on your needs, budget and urgency; working with contractors to avoid common mistakes for design and installation of AIP solutions; and monitoring the project installation to ensure your needs are met.

Residential Accessibility Services includes CAPS services, property management, and real estate transactions including getting your house ready for sale or purchasing a new home.

As a CAPS consultant, Richard can help people who want to make their homes a home for a lifetime, regardless of their age, income or abilities. CAPS modifications can help people of all ages and ability levels to live comfortably and safely in a home. The universally-designed home accommodates all family members at all stages of life…. from infants to grandparents, all of whom benefit from homes that impose fewer restrictions on daily activities and maximize independence and safety.

Call Richard today at 615-752-0060 to begin the process of improving the accessibility in your home.