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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Election Polling Place Training for ADA Compliance

ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC, offers training for election polling place managers, staff and volunteers using a two hour presentation followed by a one hour walk through of an election site to demonstrate the principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. This course is important to all employees in the County Elections Division and any relevant contractors or vendors, including those who conduct surveys or implement temporary measures, on Title II of the ADA as it applies to election polling places. For a complete description of this course please Election Polling Place Training for ADA. A graphic presentation of a polling place is shown below indicating the elements that could be found in a polling place.

Election Polling Place Plan View

Election Polling Place Plan View

This training course covers polling place accessibility requirements under the 2010 ADA Standards and includes temporary remedial measures at polling places on Election Day.

Using this course, his experience as a building inspector, and his training as an ADA Coordinator and compliance inspector, Richard can help educate individuals or groups of interested parties in the more significant ADA issues and discrepancies found at many election sites. Going further, if requested, Richard can inspect a representative number of facilities to identify ADA issues unique to your polling places and prepare a training program specific to your needs.

This presentation discusses the most common issues found at polling places and frequently listed in settlements with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) that result from complaints received by the DOJ.

Please call Richard at 615-752-0060 to discuss your needs for election poll worker training.

If you observe a building that is not ADA compliant and you would like to know how to proceed, please see the link at What To Do When A Building Is Not ADA Compliant or Accessible.

Thank you.