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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Residential Accessibility = Aging in Place Services



Did you know that? Residential Accessibility = Aging in Place services.

Residential Accessibility Services at ADAIN includes CAPS services, property management, and real estate transactions including getting your house ready for sale or purchasing a new home. Richard Acree offers these services as a building inspector, planner, and project monitor, not an installer or contractor.

As a building inspector, planner, and project monitor for Residential Accessibility Services, Richard can help people who want to make their homes a home for a lifetime, regardless of their age, income or abilities. CAPS modifications can help people of all ages and ability levels to live comfortably and safely in a home. The universally-designed home accommodates all family members at all stages of life, from infants to grandparents, all of whom benefit from homes that impose fewer restrictions on daily activities and maximize independence and safety.

But there is more. Some people are not able to manage their property either because of physical limitations or they are just too busy. Richard can manage the property for you using his training, experience, and skills in building inspections and accessibility. Given the amount of money involved in home ownership, having an expert like Richard manage your property for you can be a great investment!

One more! Getting your home ready for sale? Richard can help you with that. A realtor will tell you that when it is time to sell your home, the key things to do are de-clutter, de-personalize, then clean and paint, clean and paint. This can be a huge job! Again if you are not able to manage this important job, or just too busy, Richarf can do it for you. Richard can help you by doing a property assessment to identify any significant issues to repair, hire people to help with packing, moving and storing items while the property is for sale, then hire people to do the cleaning and painting.

Richard Acree, at ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC (ADAIN) is a CAPS consultant. The role of Richard at ADAIN is that of a building inspector, planner, and project monitor. Richard is not a contractor, installer/vendor, architect or licensed engineer. Richard works with clients to determine their goals for aging in place and create a plan to reach their goals. Within that plan will be CAPS and AIP services. CAPS and AIP services include: project management; researching and helping you select specialized assistive products and installations; identifying and selecting contractors, explaining best practices for design and installation of key components in AIP home design; coordinating the budget; prioritizing comprehensive solutions based on your needs, budget and urgency; working with contractors to avoid common mistakes for design and installation of AIP solutions; and monitoring the project installation to ensure your needs and goals are met.