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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Aging in Place Home Modifications for People Living with Down Syndrome


Down Syndrome is probably the most common genetic syndrome. Home modifications planned by a Certified Aging in Place Specialist can make living with Down Syndrome easier and safer.

According to Beyond Accessibility, people living with Down Syndrome can have decreased motor skills including low tone, ataxia, poor balance, decreased strength, and limited endurance. Some common physical features of people living with Down Syndrome include small hands and feet and shorter in height as children and adults.

Examples of aging-in-place home modifications specific for people living with Down Syndrome with small hands or short height includes:

  • Lowered storage, closet rods, towel rods, coat hooks, and mirrors

  • Lower or second handrail

  • Faucet extenders and automatic faucets

  • Leave room for step next to sinks, storage, couch, and bed if needed

  • Install a pull out stool at kick plate in kitchen areas

  • Lower countertop heights in kitchen and bathroom

  • Lower mirror in bathroom

  • Tilted mirrors

  • Lever handles for doors and faucets that don’t require grasping

  • Additional handrails or grab bars at entrances, toilet and bathing areas, stairs, and in hallways

  • Smaller or larger toilet seat depending on personal size

  • Shorter or taller toilet seat height depending on personal size

  • Faucet extenders for people with limited reach

  • Handheld shower head

The home modifications listed above are representative. Please note that every child, every family, and every home is different, with unique needs. Every idea does not apply to every child, family, or home. This list does not replace having a home modification assessment for your family; nor does it replace the need for a skilled Occupational Therapist to work in-person with you and your building team. All ideas are implemented at your own risk; please use caution and judgment. Consult with a CAPS advisor. Home modifications can greatly improve quality of life, but should be combined with the direct services of skilled professionals, such as therapists, doctors, and social workers.

If someone you know suffers from a genetic syndrome such as Down Syndrome please call Richard at 615-752-0060 to discuss the needs for a home safety inspection and home modification. For more information about the services Richard provides please see Residential Accessibility.

Thank you.