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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Wrap Around Services for Disabled Individuals

According to the Masters in Special Education Program Guide, mental health professionals began to see the need to assist children across various life settings so a system of care management known as wraparound services came into existence in the 1980’s. These programs incorporate the natural support systems of clients, along with various agency personnel and community representatives, to address children’s dynamic needs. Natural supports include family members, extended family, other caregivers, teachers and physicians, among others. The “wraparound” label refers to the fact that services are intended to wrap around the child in a way that supports him in all aspects of his life.

When private insurance does not cover all of the specialists and services, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy, that a child needs, Medicaid fills these gaps and supplements private insurance by covering those services.

What makes this method of treatment successful is the cooperation of representatives across various settings, all following the same plan and working with the goal of helping the child.