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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Colorful Hawaiian Toilet Room ISA Signs

In our black and white and blue ADA world, it is interesting to find some other presentations for the pictogram component of ISA signs at toilet rooms. The photo below is the Men’s Toilet Room ISA sign at the Honolulu Airport where the male pictogram is wearing a Hawaiian print aloha shirt. I found this while on a recent blogging trip


2010 ADA Standard .216.2, [Signs] Designations, states, “Interior and exterior signs identifying permanent rooms and spaces shall comply with [Standards] 703.1, 703.2, and 703.5. Where pictograms are provided as designations of permanent interior rooms and spaces, the pictograms shall comply with [Standard] 703.6 and shall have text descriptors complying with [Standards] 703.2 and 703.5.” Standard 703.6.2, [Pictogram] Finish and Contrast, states, “Pictograms and their field shall have a non-glare finish. Pictograms shall contrast with their field with either a light pictogram on a dark field or a dark pictogram on a light field.” See the sign below for the Women’s Toilet Room where the female pictogram is wearing a Hawaiian print muumuu dress, lei around her neck, and a flower in her “hair”.


If you observe a building that is not ADA compliant and you would like to know how to proceed, please see the link at What To Do When A Building Is Not ADA Compliant or Accessible.