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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Hawaiian Solution to Walkway Excessive Differential Elevations

Here is something I found in many locations while walking around Honolulu on a recent blogging trip. See the photo below. Notice the yellow painted differential elevations in the walkway.


Standard 403.4 [Walkway Surfaces] Changes in Level, states, “Changes in level shall comply with [Standard] 303.” Standard 303.2 [Changes in Level] Vertical, states, “Changes in level of ¼ inch (6.4 mm) high maximum shall be permitted to be vertical.” In other words, the most you can have at a change of level is 1/4 inch vertical. The diagram below is representative of this standard.

Maximum Abrupt Vertical Change in Walking Surface Elevation

Maximum Abrupt Vertical Change in Walking Surface Elevation

So what they have done in Honolulu is mark these excessive elevation changes on the walkways with yellow paint. That helps, at least those who can see may be able to avoid these tripping hazards with these temporary solutions. Unfortunately I don’t think there is an allowance in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design for this temporary solution. But, it’s better than just allowing the tripping hazards to exist unattended.

If you observe a building that is not ADA compliant and you would like to know how to proceed, please see the link at What To Do When A Building Is Not ADA Compliant or Accessible.