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by Richard Acree of ADA Inspections Nationwide, LLC

Protruding Objects in Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, and Condominiums

Protruding objects are installations in a facility that project more than 4 inches from a wall or hang within 80 inches of the finished floor or ground. Objects which protrude from walls or hang from overhead structures or ceilings mat not be detectable and are therefore hazardous, because a person with a visual disability may run into them. Detectable items are obstacles in the circulation path that can be detected and maneuvered around.

Protruding objects are limited in apartment buildings and condominiums. The diagram below is representative of the rules for protruding objects in public spaces for apartments and condominiums.


Protruding Objects

There must always be a 36-inch wide accessible route around any obstacle. Large wall-mounted items such as fire extinguishers and telephone enclosures must be recessed, set in alcoves, or designed so they have structures extending close to the floor, no higher than 27 inches, and within the long cane detectable area.

If the accessible route is reduced to less than 36 inches by a wall hung object, then the width of the object may be no wider than 24 inches. The accessible route can never be less than 32 inches wide.

If you suspect a violation of the rules for accessibility in an apartment building or condominium please call Richard at 615-752-0060 to discuss.

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